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Glass Keepsakes and Urns

SoulBursts Glass Urns are unique urns as well as elegant blown glass art vessels designed to hold your loved ones cremation ashes. The urns available are one of a kind. The one in the photograph is the actual one that is available. Custom orders are always a possibility.

Soulbursts cremation ash glass heart Soulbursts Glass Urn

© Michelle Kaptur 1994 - 2015

Are you looking for and alternative to a traditional urn?

SoulBursts help with the personal grieving process during that difficult transition after losing someone you love. These amazing glass creations provide a way to hold your loved one in your hand, before that loved one comes to reside solely in your heart.

Do you want to do something special with your loved ones cremation ashes?

Soulburst cremation ash keepsakes help you celebrate and cherish the life of someone. It is not very uplifting to look at that box of ashes you get from the funeral home. Wouldn't it be healing to see beauty instead? Something that can remind you of the beautiful, colorful parts of a life lived and shared? Something to trigger fond memories.

Soulbursts are a creative urn alternative allowing you to keep a

small amount of the cremation ash, and scatter or share the rest. Multiple family members can each have their own personalized memorial.

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Choose from Soulbursts with ashes fused inside or an urn to store your beloved's remains.   SOULBURSTS     URNS


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