$225 Gift Certificate

$225 Gift Certificate


Please enter the email address of the person who should receive the SoulBursts Bereavement Gift Certificate. You can also enter a personal message to be included with the Gift Certificate.

The recipient will receive their Gift Certificate via email from SoulBursts.com. The email will contain a gift certificate code they can apply toward their next purchase on the SoulBursts website.

You may add more than one Gift Certificate to your shopping cart in order to give a larger denomination to the recipient.

If you would like to print out the SoulBursts Bereavement Gift Certificate and give it to the recipient, please enter your personal email address in the “Gift Recipient’s Email Address” box.

Notes: If the Gift Certificate recipient does not see the email from SoulBursts in their inbox, please ask them to check their other folders, including their spam folder, to make sure they receive your gift.

If you need to have the Gift Certificate re-sent for any reason, please contact me.

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