At first I was not sure about the idea of a SoulBursts product. I felt desolate and didn’t think I could send Elliott’s ashes to a stranger. My friend encouraged me, and it turned out to be a wonderful experience. When I held my SoulBurst Remembrance in my hand I knew I had made the right decision.

Michelle and Mark, you are so sincere about this work. And now I have a beautiful keepsake I can hold in my hand, take on a walk, and keep with me on the hard days. It is such a gift to have something so special. Thank you.

— Katrina

Michelle, this is one of the thirteen SoulBursts Remembrances I received a couple of days ago after the sudden loss of my husband. I do not have words to describe how absolutely stunning, remarkable and precious your work is. These have brought great joy to my family members and friends during this horrible time of sorrow. No words can express how the pieces have brought joy and comfort.

— Laura

We cherish the necklace you made for our 11-year-old daughter with our dog’s ashes in it. He traveled to Florida with us, and we took this picture in the beautiful Destin sand.

— Melanie

This is my touchstone with my husband’s ashes incorporated. It brings me comfort to carry it. It is just beautiful to look at in the light. Spirals have always meant so much to me spiritually, which makes this feel just perfect in every way.

— MaryAnn

Losing my best friend was truly devastating. Now I feel as though I have a piece of her I can wear and carry around with me every day.

— Mike