Cremation Suncatcher - Blue
Cremation Suncatcher - Calico
Cremation Suncatcher - Blue
Cremation Suncatcher - Caribbean
Cremation Suncatcher - Green
Cremation Suncatcher - Fuchsia
Cremation Suncatcher - Peridot
Cremation Suncatcher - Purple
Cremation Suncatcher - Red
Cremation Suncatcher - Pink
Cremation Suncatcher - Yellow Orange
Memorial Suncatcher - Calico
Memorial Suncatcher - Blue
Memorial Suncatcher - Caribbean
Memorial Suncatcher - Green
Memorial Suncatcher - Fuchsia
Memorial Suncatcher - Peridot
Memorial Suncatcher - Purple
Memorial Suncatcher - Red
Memorial Suncatcher - Pink
Memorial Suncatcher - Yellow

Cremation Suncatcher

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Make your loved one’s ashes shimmer in the soft afternoon light within this lively Cremation Suncatcher. The blown glass and ashes capture motion and the color of a life well lived. 

It also makes a thoughtful sympathy gift, treasured by family and friends.

The Cremation Suncatcher is available in a variety of stunning colors. It requires one teaspoon of cremation ash.

Every piece is handmade and is absolutely unique.  


  • 2.75 - 3 inches wide
  • 0.5 inch thick

Height in the stand: 7.5 inches

Shipping is FREE! 


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