Mark Gordon Art Glass

Artist—Mark Gordon

About Glass Blowing Artist Mark Gordon

I have been working with glass since 2003.

The medium of glass is a challenge for me,
My best work happens I push my limits of creativity.

I find inspiration for my work through many avenues, paintings, sculpture and art inspire my creativity and fuel my desire to create my own work. I am currently fascinated with the color and texture of coldworking glass, which takes several hours to create the texture, reveal the colors and show off interior design.

The challenge of creating new work is a joy for me. Glass is an endless medium to work with and the possibilities are limited only by my own hands. It takes time and patience to create my work and the complexity and limits are boundless.

I am very fortunate to have discovered the avenue of glass. What started as a chance to work in a glass blowing studio, 20 years ago. Has turned into a lifetime of joy and friendship through glass and I am beyond grateful to the friends and family that have helped me on this journey.

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Mark Gordon

If you are interested in purchasing my art glass (beyond the cremation glass art) or representing my work in your gallery, please contact me or visit my Facebook page to see more images of my work.

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