Cremation Ash Glass Art

Cremation Art Glass

About SoulBursts Cremation Ash Glass Art

My intention with every SoulBursts Cremation Ash Glass Art piece I create is to give you joy.

My goal is to help you recall the beauty of the relationship you had with the deceased.

I listen to what is inside me as I work with the glass, allowing fire and light to come together with the cremation ash. I work to craft the most beautiful cremation ash glass art object possible to hold your loved one’s remains, and I treat their ashes with the deepest care and respect.

Each Remembrance and Glass Urn is handcrafted by me, with the help of my assistant Mark Gordon. Each object is artistically unique — as are the individuals whose remains are held within them.

I understand it may be sad for you when you first hold a SoulBursts creation. You have just lost someone precious and irreplaceable. In my experience, these glass mementos provide a way to hold your loved one in your hand until they come to reside peacefully in your heart.

Ultimately, my hope is that each SoulBursts keepsake will be a celebration of your loved one. I believe grief is a developmental phase we prosper from by traversing. I want my work to make a contribution to this process, allowing you to connect with spirit, essence and the memories you hold.

About Michelle Kaptur

Blowing glass is my life’s work. I create glass art that is available in galleries across the country and is widely collected.

When I made my first SoulBursts Cremation Ash Glass Art for friends, they were so moved. I understood I could offer something powerful to people — something that was both art and soul.

When my mom died, I made a purple heart with a bit of her ashes as my own personal remembrance. I loved that her ashes were in a creation that was beautiful because I could see her inside the glass. I loved that I could also share her that way with my family.

Now she brightens my kitchen window. Sometimes I take her traveling with me. I look at her and smile and think how honored I am to have had my mother in my life.

It is my passion to share this gift with others.

If you would like to learn more about my work and the creation of SoulBursts, please watch this PBS Oregon Art Beat segment.

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